Oct 31, 2007

Rama's tryst with Gandhigiri!!!

On the eve of Gandhi Jayanti, 'great' leaders of Tamil Nadu, with Mr. Karunanidhi taking the lead, decided to try their stint at some 'Gandhigiri'. A state-wide bandh had been forced down on the people despite a stay by the Supreme Court. All this to 'enable' the people of Tamil Nadu to support (blindly???) the demolition of the Ram Setu!!! What kind of support does a government project after 'forcing' a bandh on its people?

Ironically, the DMK's not so pleasant ways seem to have impressed the central government too!!! I always read that politics can get dirty. This one's just crossed the limits!!!

Senior Congress leaders at New Delhi are blatantly supporting the DMKs stand on the Ram Setu issue...obviously ensuring the DMKs continued support to the UPA!!!

Where are we heading to? Have the people of India lost their voice? Or are the people one with what they're witnessing around them?

India has always been recognized for its spiritual strength. Religion, customs, traditions and spirituality are terms used synonymously with India... both at home and across the seven seas!!!

The Ramayana and its inspiring tales have been passed down over generations now. Believing in it is a matter of personal choice. It's binary... you either believe in it or you don't!!! One may not believe in the Ramayana or for that matter anything to do with God. But the true spirit would be in reserving one's choice to oneself and respecting those around who choose to believe in it. An atheist is not an outcast and it's no harm to be an atheist. But a dignified atheist is one who doesn't speak ill of what he/ she chose not to believe!!!

People in power probably have 'be a hypocrite' as one of their points of action!!! The same people who are challenging Rama's existence today... would go all out and encourage celebrations for Deepavali next month!!!

The Tamil Nadu government has been really harsh during the last few weeks. Their anti-Ram remarks have hurt the sentiments of its people!!! What amazes me is that no one seems to be complaining. Guess the extended weekend matters a lot more to people who 'believe' in Rama!!!

Mr. Karunanidhi has been see-sawing with his remarks about Rama. His 'allies' at the Center are drawing similarities between Gandhiji and him. The people of India seem to be content with their quietude.

I'm sure Shri Rama would be laughing at us lesser mortals from the heavens above!!!


Confusious November 24, 2007 at 3:14 AM  

"a dignified atheist is one who doesn't speak ill of what he/ she chose not to believe"

True !

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