Mar 19, 2015

Mommy Memoirs - Parent Pledges

Am back with my next in the Mommy Memoirs series. This one's slightly different... It's more of what he and I wish to follow as parents. Jotting it down as our parent pledge list so that it serves as a reminder... Sharing it on my blog space so that I get more ideas from my readers... Your thoughts and comments will surely help... And I won't charge a fee if you want to borrow some of our pledges too :)
Parent Pledge #1
Will do what WE think is best for NiVi... And not what nosey self-proclaimed well-wishers around try to force on us.
Do not mean to be mean, but I strongly believe that ideas should not be forced. What worked for one parent with their children need not always work for ours. So though we would love to hear everyone's story and learn from them, we would definitely not want anyone breathing down our necks when it comes to our baby!
Parent Pledge #2
Will try and keep NiVi as far away from technology as possible so that she gets to experience her childhood like a child. Mobiles, tablets and the likes can come in a little later.
We may be tempted to boast about how technologically brilliant our kids are, by ranting about how they know to glide their way into our smart devices. But in the long run, this 'skill' is definitely not worth it so early in life! There is a beautiful 'real' world beyond all things smart. We wish every new parent encourage their little ones to experience and explore that world. Believe me they will end up way smarter than any 'dumb' smart device around!
Parent Pledge #3
Keep her off disposable diapers as much as we can. Modern Cloth Diapers are the way to go.
She is doing pretty good so far... flaunting her fluffy colorful butt :) She can be proud about herself for doing her bit to keep the environment clean and the landfills diaper-free.
Parent Pledge #4
We will not nudge her into doing things that we want her to do... We will rather nudge ourselves to try and understand what she wants to do... and help her get there!
As parents we do get carried once in a way, and weave dreams for her future... only to realize in a jiffy that we are probably getting pushy and sign off the moment with a 'Baby, you do whatever you want' :)
Parent Pledge #5
We will never compare her with others around... She'll be a star by herself and in her own way.
Every child brings along his or her own plan and they live by that each day. They decide and live their own milestones too...when to sit, when to crawl, when to stand, when to eat and how and how much... everything!! Each baby is uniquely special waiting to surprise you with what he or she comes packaged along with... so let us just let them be!!!

That is all the pledges we have for now as we have also pledged not to tax ourselves too much just because we are parents now. Hoping to stand by each of these each day, in  between changing diapers and humming lullabies that is :)


Paper Concepts March 19, 2015 at 8:27 PM  

Well written especially Pledge number 1.

priya March 19, 2015 at 9:04 PM  

Thank you Paper Concepts 😀😀

Only the experienced can read between the lines 😝

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