Aug 6, 2014

Mommy Memoirs - Months 0 to 3

May 26, 2014 maybe just another hot summer day for most of you. For us, it meant the world. Our daughter was born on this day. Our little princess. Our true bundle of joy... NiVi :-)

I have decided to document this fulfilling and divine experience in our lives. Am sure the parent in each of you will relate to most of it. There are many bestsellers available off the shelf and off the web for parents to be. You can try and digest all of it. But do not be surprised if what actually happens is 'out of syllabus'! ;-)

The last few weeks of waiting for your baby to arrive is a true test of patience. During this time you will definitely hear one or all of this from people around.

'What do you think it will be... Girl or boy??'
... Guess this is expected to be our first mother's intuition :-)

'Eat whatever you want now. Once you deliver there will be a 100 restrictions.'
... Very true.

'Sleep as much as you can now. Once you deliver sleep deprivation is a sure thing!' 
... So so very true. The first few weeks (and the weeks ahead!!) can be quite overwhelming.

'Be prepared to deal with the shift in attention. Once the baby is around you will become a distant second.'
... Guess babies have it in them to grab attention. No complaints... But the new mother needs to be prepared for this.

Once your baby is born... Life changes instantly. I still get goose bumps while saying 'my daughter' :-).

All the challenges apart, it is indeed a blissful feeling...

• Each time I hold NiVi in my arms.
• When I see NiVi's little feet, little fingers, little nose, cute little smile and not so little ears :-)
• Calling her by a hundred cute names and watching her gurgle at each one of them.
• The truest sense of accomplishment when I rock her to sleep... So what if the sleep only lasts her journey from lap to bed :-)
• The secret sense of pride when am able to stop her from crying... Either by simply holding her or feeding her.
• The little thank you that she says with her sparkling eyes whilst she feeds.
• Adorning her with little bangles and traditional charms... and the joy to see them fit her.
• Weighing little NiVi and maintaining her weight tracker. Each gain in weight seems a milestone met... It also means she is likely to fit into the next set of her cute little outfits. Her wardrobe is stocked for the next 6 months already :-)
• Stealing NiVi's baby milk powder and feeling guilty about it. Never felt that way while secretly gulping my niece's milk powder ;-)
• Changing nappies, applying baby powder (and smelling her once in a while), decking her up and then smiling at her toothless smile :-)
• Tiptoeing around the room when she is sleeping and lecturing everyone else to do the same.
• Using all the special characters on the keyboard to form the choicest of adjectives for those insensitive drivers who go around honking on the streets outside.
• Watching NiVi smile and laugh at near and dear ones around.
• Planning and rehearsing for every outing with NiVi... Though it's been only doctor visits thus far.
• Every minute spent with her, actually :-)

Love you loads little munchkin. Stay blessed... always :-*


Namrata,  August 16, 2014 at 4:52 PM  

Every point is so true - (except u eat her formula powder??? Lol! :D) The first three months are truly overwhelming!!! :) Enjoy the next three..they are ssooooo beautiful! :)

minal shah August 18, 2014 at 8:13 AM  

So beautiful and just straight from heart. Loved reading it. You are part of such a wonderful ride Priya. I am so happy for you guys. Hope your journey is full of fun. Enjoy the parenthood.

Minal shah

priya August 18, 2014 at 1:16 PM  

Thanks Namrata.
I love milk powder... :-) but I refrain from indulging into NiVi's formula :-)

priya August 18, 2014 at 1:17 PM  

Thanks a ton Minal... For your comment and your lovely wishes.

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